Average Joes, not in the least

Tom Johnson had a longtime desire to operate his own business. Travelling around the country during his sales career, Tom had visited many uniquely inviting coffee shops, and enjoyed the thought of someday opening his own shop.

One afternoon in the backyard, Tom and his neighbor were discussing their passion for coffee, and what it takes to make a great cup. It didn’t take long for their conversation to turn to fresh roasting. Tom said, “Freshly roasted coffee is the best, assuring rich aroma and a succulent flavor with no bitter aftertaste.”

Tom had often pictured thousands of pounds of coffee being roasted in a large warehouse somewhere, but hadn’t considered an individual roasting coffee beans. So the prospect of roasting his own coffee beans inspired him to order a small coffee roaster. According to Tom, the roaster looked like a tiny hot air popcorn popper. He started roasting coffee beans, and the coffee was great. Tom bought a bigger roaster and started giving coffee to friends. In 2009, Two Roasting Joes Coffee was born. Tom worked part-time roasting his coffee until two years ago when he made a leap of faith and began devoting his full time to the business.

Two Roasting Joes offers fresh roasted specialty coffee in whole beans and ground coffee available in a variety of signature blends. Now, their mission is to provide customers with the best coffee experience possible through quality products, service, and knowledge. Two Roasting Joes uses suppliers committed to high standards. They offer Fair Trade Organic coffees, many flavored coffees, and even numerous special gift boxes. You will find Two Roasting Joes Saturday 8 to noon May through October at the Chillicothe Farmers Market at 1075 Western Avenue in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Tom shares, “Back in the business planning stage of my business, I was referred to the Ohio State University (OSU) South Centers in Piketon by Marvin Jones at the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce. At the South Centers, I worked with Ryan Mapes, Business Development Specialist with the Small Business Development Center. He helped me develop a plan of action. The experience was a tremendous help. At that time, I still thought I wanted to open a coffee shop. We kept running the numbers thinking we could make that a good idea, but it wasn’t. I kept looking at the financial projections, and saying how am I supposed to live off this. So my whole concept changed from having a coffee shop to just focusing solely on roasting, packaging, and selling freshly roasted coffee wholesale and directly to the consumers.”

Tom continues, “Working with Ryan was a wonderful experience. I’ve been asked to speak publicly about what I do. People want to know about being an entrepreneur. The very first thing I suggest to them is that before beginning; contact a business specialist at OSU South Centers in Piketon. Enlist the help of someone who can counsel you, and help you with your business plan. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you make any major investment. Many small businesses don’t success, most often because of poor planning. When you have professional business development assistance, your chances for success go up tremendously.”

Referring to the future of his business, Tom says, “I’m in the process of trying to grow the wholesale business. It’s interesting because my business has a seasonal flow with summer excelling due to farmers’ markets sales. I’m, currently, working on growing accounts to level the seasonal cash flow.”

For more information about Two Roasting Joes LLC and to find retail locations, go to http://www.tworoastingjoes.com, email info@tworoastingjoes.com or coffee@tworoastingjoes.com or find them on Facebook, “Two Roasting Joes LLC.”