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Tim Schmelzer 1Schmelzer Industries, Inc.
Tim Schmelzer – Schmelzer Industries, Inc.

Schmelzer Industries, Inc. in Somerset, Ohio, was founded in 1984 to manufacture quality fiberglass surfacing veils and light-weight reinforcement mats in the composites industry and began shipping products in 1986. Schmelzer Industries is a family-owned business. Tim Schmelzer said, “My Dad was the first-generation owner and operator. He is retired now, but mom still provides assistance. My siblings and I are involved with various family businesses, and I have taken the lead at Schmelzer Industries, and my sister, Monica, is our site manager.”

Schmelzer Industries serves customers across the country and around the world; proudly continuing their tradition of quality products and excellent service. The company supplies products for composite processes—a surfacing veil or light-weight fiberglass reinforcement used in plastic resin mold parts used to retain surfaces. Read More…

1229884_158541814343737_1480227410_nCowaburger LLC
Jason Burns – Cowaburger LLC

Jason Burns, co-owner of Cowaburger LLC, has a long history in the restaurant industry, “I started in the restaurant business when I went to school at Ohio State. I began working for a major restaurant in Columbus as a server. I went to Ohio State for a couple of years and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I moved back home.”

After moving home, Jason’s career path changed a bit to automobile sales, which he did for 5 years. When sales declined along with the economy, Jason was offered an opportunity to explore restaurant management with the restaurant he had worked for during college. Jason mentioned that it was a big lifestyle change, economically as well as time commitment to commute to the city from Hillsboro. He worked for 12 years in this industry working his way up the ladder as he learned how to manage restaurants.

Jason said, “I just got this crazy idea to start my own restaurant, and it seemed like a lot better idea than driving back and forth to the city every day after I’d done it for so long. My situation was a unique one because most people don’t just quit their jobs and have no idea how they are going to do it. It was a huge leap of faith for me.” Read More…

Blog Pic 2Glenn Farms
Gabe Glenn – Glenn Farms

Gabe Glenn of Glenn Farms comes from a long line of farmers. From the time Gabe was four years old, he knew he wanted to have cattle and farm. He began his farming career cleaning out barns and checking on the cattle on his grandfather’s farm. When his grandfather passed, Gabe continued to help his father with the farm — doing hay and raising calves.

Gabe later acquired his own farmland to add to the family farming business. Determined to move his agriculture business forward, he has been investing his time in finding ways to improve the herd and manage costs. Gabe heard about a young farmer’s assistance program and eventually found his way to Brad Bapst, director of the Small Business Development Center at the Ohio State University (OSU) South Center in Piketon, Ohio. Gabe said, “Brad helped me put together a business plan and helped me to complete the Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation (SOACDF) ag development grant application.” Read More…

Coleman PackagingColeman Packaging
George Coleman – Coleman Packaging

George Coleman, owner of Coleman Packaging, opened his own business in Columbus, Ohio more than 20 years ago. He moved to Jackson, Ohio in 1994 to serve a need for the production of packaging for the automotive sector.

A number of years ago, George’s company had a major financial blow when the automotive industry left the Jackson area. He had to close one site and went from 46 employees in 2008 to 15 currently. With the great reputation his company has with his service and quality product, George was able to secure some new contracts and is on the incline once again.

George said, “I’ve never had a sales person, and I’ve been in business for more than 30 years” relying on word-of-word about his great reputation for service and quality products. But when he had an opportunity for assistance from Ryan Mapes, Manager, Ohio State University (OSU) South Centers Endeavor Center (business incubator), Mike Rowe, Director, Manufacturing and Technology Small Business Development Center, and Brad Bapst, Director, Small Business Development Center, he was pleased with the results. George said, “I ask for help, and they arranged a meeting with a potential client. Read More…

2015 4-16 Spotlight -Katherine Fisher-Piano Safari Katie pic -K Roush
Piano Safari – A Method for Beginning Pianists
Katherine Fisher and Julie Knerr – Piano Safari

Katherine Fisher is on the faculty of the Athens Community Music School at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Her responsibilities include teaching private piano lessons as well as coordinating group lessons for beginners.

When Katherine was in graduate school, just over 10 years ago, she met another student, Dr. Julie Knerr, with the same interest of creating a piano method. Julie is on the piano faculty of the Hartt School of Music Community Division in West Hartford, Connecticut, where she teaches private and group piano to students of all ages. Read More…

OCI owners
Oak Chips Inc. (OCI) – Generations of visionaries at Oak Chips Inc.
Ben, Todd, and Jason Nathan – Oak Chips Inc.

Oak Chips Inc. (OCI) originated in 1975 as Clarksville Stave & Veneer Co., Inc. Ben Nathan, Owner of OCI, developed a “slow-roasting” process of high quality toasted oak chips for the wine industry, which has continuously improved upon through the years.

The Nathan’s come from a long line of successful entrepreneurs, many were blacksmiths. Ben’s father invented a plow for John Deere. Ben and his sons, Todd and Jason, designed and hand built the machinery for the oak chips process. Today, OCI is a three-generation, family-owned business.

“My father is the man behind all of what you see today. He is the one who had the vision and we have capitalized on his energy and success. My father is 74 years old and is still in here every day,” states Todd Nathan. Read More…

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Patronus Training – Protective Firearms Training
Jessamy Bright — Patronus Training

Jessamy Bright is an Instructor for Patronus Training, as well as the owner of a concealed carry and self-defense products company called Scorpion Concealment. Jessamy grew up around firearms. Her dad was an avid hunter, and she and her sibling were introduced to firearms early, but oddly not to handguns.

When Jessamy and her husband Rob decided to purchase a handgun for home protection, Jessamy asked her brother-in-law, Tyson Houchens, owner of Patronus Training, to give them some basic handgun training. Tyson is a military veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division with multiple combat deployments. Since his military service, Tyson has worked in various high threat places around the globe. He has experience teaching military and law enforcement teams from around the world.

In that very first class of the fundamentals of marksmanship, safety and handgun operation, Jessamy found her passion for firearms. She added teaching firearms, specifically teaching firearms to women, and competition shooting to her bucket list. Read More…

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