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1864 Shyville Road
Piketon, OH 45661
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Certified Business Advisor from the University of Toledo

Bachelor of Science Degree from Shawnee State University in Plastics Engineering

Professional Experience:

Brad is a Certified Business Advisor with the Small Business Development Center at The Ohio State University South Centers. Brad has been an employee of the Ohio State University South Centers since 1995. His career began at the South Centers working with the Soil and Water Resources program. He also served as the Pike County Extension Educator in 4-H Youth Development for a period of his career. In 2005, he joined the South Centers Business Development program serving as Program Director/Business Counselor for the Manufacturing and Technology Small Business Development Center. Brad recently assumed the Program Director/Business Counselor for the Small Business Development Center.

Community/Personal Business Experience:

A lifelong resident of Pike County, Brad is interested in assisting new and existing business owners in the region with needs that they may not be able to address themselves. In addition to his work with the Business Development Center, Brad has a strong interest in agriculture. He is the sixth generation in his family to operate a farm. Brad currently owns and operates a diversified 500 acre farming operation, which in recent years has added plasticulture strawberries to the existing crops of corn, soybeans, hay and beef cattle. Brad has served on the Eastern Local School District Board of Education for 13 years.

Something not many know about you?

“I’m a cat lover…one cat rides in the family farm tractor and in the Gator with me.” ~Brad Bapst

Why do you think OSU South Centers is so successful?

“Members of our Team are from the community. We genuinely want to see this area progress and be better. I think we are all motivated by a deep down drive to help people because we realize that if the community around us is successful it lifts us all up.

We have a lot of talented people on our team that could go anywhere and get a job, but we choose to work here for the right reasons. We are not driven by personal gain. It’s not just a job. We feel like we can make a positive difference.” ~Brad Bapst

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  1. Hello, My name is Daniel Hall & I was referred to you by Holly Johnson at Adams Co. Economic & Community Development Center.
    I need help starting my business, I need help getting everything in order, I feel the services i can provide will bring a lot of positive results to communities, commercial & residential areas, & most importantly….. our environment. i want to operate a parking lot waste removal business, my intentions are to recycle the waste that i can recycle. I think its detrimental for any type of recyclable product to even make it to a dumpster or trash can, so in addition I will offer a service that frees up space in dumpsters & garbage cans. I’m also including a handyman service & brush removal service.
    I would like to meet with you, hopefully you can help, thanks for your time.

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