Try it Your Way

(Submitted by Mick Whitt, Manufacturing Business Development Specialist, Manufacturing and Technology Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers)

“Ditch the MFA, and use some of the time you gain from doing so to get to know your customers better. You’ll achieve better results in the long run, and who knows, you may just avoid building a faster horse!”
-Paul W. Critchley, New England Lean Consulting

Follow this link below to a fascinating article at detailing the best way to meet your customer’s needs. The answer may not be what you think or what you’ve been attempting.

“Are You Wasting Your Time with Market Feedback Analysis?”

As a lean practitioner and former plant manager, I have always believed that customers need to be central to any business since, ultimately, they are the ones who pay the bills. It is in our best interest to continually deliver more value to them, exceed their expectations, and (simply put) keep them happy. Read more…

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