10 Ways to Thwart Cyber Threats at Work

(Submitted by Kelly O’Bryant, Business Specialist, SBDC Export Assistance Network, OSU South Centers)

Sourced from: hr.blr.com

  1. Use strong passwords.
  2. Change passwords regularly.
  3. Do not share user names or passwords.
  4. Make regular backups of critical work.
  5. Avoid clicking on links to websites provided in e-mails.
  6. Use discretion when opening e-mail attachments.
  7. Confirm that an e-mail request for sensitive information is authentic before complying with it.
  8. Be wary of unexpected changes in established protocols for financial transactions.
  9. Ask IT before installing or connecting any personal software or hardware to the organization’s network or hardware.
  10. When traveling on business, keep laptops and other mobile devices hidden from view, and do not leave them unattended in unsecured areas.