Facebook Insights

(Submitted by Melissa Carter, Business Development Specialist, Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers)

If you have a Facebook page, are you monitoring your insights whenever you post? The Insights tab on your Facebook page allows you to view and monitor so much about who is visiting your page and how your posts are responding. What all can you utilize the insights for? Let’s talk about a few of them:

• Overview – if you don’t want to dive deep into your page, no worries. The overview showcases a summary of all the statistics and your most recent posts.

• People – Oh wow, this shares so much. If your business needs to target a specific audience, this is a great starting point. This tab shows the likes of your page and the people those likes represent. Percentages of male and female fans, age ranges, and the cities (and countries if relevant) they represent.

• Posts – This tab lists your published posts and how they were received. It shows the type of post – whether it’s a link shared, a photo uploaded, or just text; the reach or the unique number of individuals who have seen the post, and the engagement, which is clicks on the link or photo, reactions, comments and shares.

• Local – If your business page has an address associated on the page, then a Local tab will show up in your insights, which shares data from the zip code you are located in.

There’s also statistics on videos, events, messages, and even more. The biggest key to all of these insights is one thing. POST! Too many businesses come to me with help gaining a larger audience with their Facebook page, but only post a few times a month. The more you post on a regular basis, specifically posts with links or videos, the more reach and engagement will grow on your page.