A New Year and Successful Resolution that can really change your life

(Submitted by Chris Smalley, Business Development Specialist, Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers)

The New Year always seems to bring some type of resolution to our lives. Eating healthier, quitting smoking, working out, or going to bed earlier just to name a few. But how long do people really stick to these types of resolutions? A resolution that I started 8 years ago and have no intention of quitting anytime soon was my own business.

For my entire life, I had watched my parents own and operate their own business and although they probably would say it wasn’t always a positive experience the majority of my memories were good ones. I happened to be at a crossroads between careers, which seemed like a perfect time to act on my lifelong dream and follow the example they had set for me in business ownership. Having a plan, starting small and being in control all were things I knew were a must to be successful when creating something from scratch.

Successful? What does that really mean? To me, successful people think long term, not short. I went into business with the idea of creating something for my children. I didn’t have any when I started…I now have 3. Successful people know that is takes a lot of hard work, and it’s not only about luck (although sometimes you may get lucky).

I grew up on a farm and as mentioned before spent a lot of time in my parents retail business. I have never shied away from work in fact I think I’m attracted to it and am more comfortable when working. It’s a good thing because building a business takes a lot of blood, sweat and at times tears.

Successful people take responsibility and don’t blame others. They are humble and eager to learn the things they don’t know. I took responsibility and was eager to learn new things about business ownership (and let me be first to tell you there are more than you would think).

Successful people talk about ideas not people. Competition in business can sometimes take over and adversely affect your character. I have always felt however there is plenty of work and I feel competition is a good thing that keeps everyone honest. Successful people know purpose and mission and don’t focus on rank and status. They are driven by growth and not by money.

Now don’t get me wrong, the extra income achieved is nice but the idea of growth and the satisfaction achieved when something comes to fruition definitely outweighs the monetary value. Successful people want others to succeed. I enjoy nothing more than seeing others around me grow because of my experiences and me being able to share with them those experiences.

I have been able to carry over my experiences of business ownership into my fulltime career as a business counselor allowing me to share firsthand what expectations my clients should have. Successful people complement instead of criticize. Successful people embrace change instead of avoiding it. I embraced the opportunity of change and took control of my life. You too can take control and make yourself successful in 2017.

Remember 3 very important steps. Make a plan – plan for success so you don’t fail before you have a chance to get started. Start small – Allow yourself to get your feet under you and work out the bugs while you can. Be in Control – Allow yourself to control the business, don’t let the business control you. If you follow these 3 simple steps you will be successful in your endeavors.

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