County Fairs in Southern Ohio

(Submitted by Melissa Carter, Business Development Specialist, Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers)

amusement-13428 (2)Tis the season for county fairs in Southern Ohio. While a few in the area have already taken place, many more will be going on over the next several weeks. But why is this info on a business blog? As a small business, a great way to show community support and recognition is to attend the livestock sale and bid on or buy a junior fair project.

4-H and FFA youth members have raised an animal (usually multiple animals) for a few weeks or since last fair. These members have learned responsibility, leadership, quality assurance practices, time management and dedication over the summer in feeding, caring for and showing this animal. During the fair, they exhibit and show off their hard work — sometimes winning a trophy, other times gaining satisfaction for the successful completion of a project. After the caring for and showing of the animals are all said and done, the last step of project is the sale. A time where an individual or business buys the animal and the youth member learns the last valuable piece to their project — finances. The youth members maintain a record book to track expenses, cost of the animal and then the income of the sale to see if they made a profit or a loss each year.

This is where you come in. As a small business, you can support these youth members through bidding or purchasing their projects. By purchasing an animal, you are giving back to the community and supporting that youth member who has worked hard to bring that animal to the fair. Many 4-H and FFA members save their money for college or use it to buy their animal for the upcoming year.