National Small Business Week – May 1-7

(Submitted by Melissa Carter, Business Development Specialist, Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers)

It’s time to honor all of our great small businesses in Southern Ohio. Whether you are a single entrepreneur or have many employees, this is the week to celebrate Small Businesses. Here are some initiatives to increase awareness and sales this and every week.

Yes we are open - clipart1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce – This can help with networking, promotion, and collaboration.
2. Partner with another business – Cross promote a product. Hold a promotion celebrating both businesses. It’s a great way to add new customers.
3. Incorporate social promotions – Celebrate National Small Business Week with a special hashtag, or use this week to restart your social media exposure.
4. Thank your employees – This week is a great time to thank your employees. Take them out to eat or have lunch catered in. Or a simple thank you note is just as thoughtful.
5. Set new goals – Use this week to work with your staff to determine summer marketing, new products, increase awareness, or professional development.
6. Refresh – Does your office need spring cleaning? Is it time for a new logo or new freebies? Why wait, start today!
7. Support Other Small Businesses – Shop local all week!