Never satisfied!

(Submitted by Mick Whitt, Manufacturing Business Development Specialist, Manufacturing and Technology Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers)

Word - improveSuccessful business owners and managers know all too well the danger of trying to tread the proverbial waters of efficiency, quality, production, and skill levels. If you are successful it is because you have realized you must constantly and consistently strive to greater heights and improve in every possible aspect of your company. Satisfaction should be the carrot dangling that is always in sight but never achieved.

Continuous Improvement is a powerful tool and mind-set that allows not only decision makers, but all levels of workers, to feel invested in the process, process improvement, and ultimately the finished product or service provided.

For more information and a great article on Continuous Improvement follow the provided link and begin thinking of new, and maybe often overlooked, ways you and your company can improve.

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