Marketing tips for the new year

(Submitted by Melissa Carter, Business Development Specialist, Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers)

ornate-1045572_1920 (2)With a new year, brings a time to start fresh or revamp your business marketing. Take time this month to review your current marketing strategies and determine what is working, what may need to be added, and what you could get rid of for 2016. Here are a few online marketing tips to get your business energized for the new year.

1. Engage with your customers – Whether it is through face-to-face interactions or through social media, talk to your customers. Learn what they like or dislike about your products/services and ask them to leave feedback.

2. Incorporate brand ambassadors – I’ve seen many Etsy shop owners doing this for the New Year. Get a handful of customers who will showcase your product for you. They would either get the product for free or a reduced rate and they would be featured in your marketing campaigns and they would market your product on their sites as well.

3. Think mobile – If you aren’t incorporating the majority of your marketing into mobile friendly options, you are missing out. Nearly 75% of Americans own at least one smart phone and it’s their main entry to the Internet (Source: U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015) Make sure your website is mobile friendly and your emails are optimized for multiple devices.

4. Go live – Periscope and other livestream services are very popular. Does it fit your business to livestream with your customers? Maybe have a weekly stream on your industry, your products/services, or some fun facts about your business.

5. Simplicity is best – With social media platforms, it’s better to do one or two really well then trying to be mediocre on multiple platforms. Choose what your customers are mostly using and invest in it.

If you have any questions about marketing, feel free to contact any of the Small Business Counselors at the OSU South Centers.