Tips for planning your next training event

(Submitted by Jennifer Dunn, Program Assistant, Endeavor Center, OSU South Centers)

Endeavor Center Conf. Rm.As the New Year approaches, the need for sharing new information with your employees does also. Below are a few simple steps to help you set up your meeting.

Step 1
Set meeting topic.

Step 2
Pick a month for your meeting and a few dates within that month that would work best for your company’s schedule.

Pick your meeting location and check on availability of that location for the dates up for consideration.

Contact your presenters and select a final date.
Endeavor Center Rm 165
Finalize the location date.

Step 3
Once your meeting date is secured, decide the time of your meeting; and if you will be serving coffee, breakfast, lunch, or a snack.

Check with your location to see if they have catering service available or find a caterer. Often times, catering slots fill quickly.

Check with your presenter and see what his/her equipment needs will be. Does he/she have any flyers that will need copied or training manuals that will need to be sent to your meeting location.

Endeavor Center Rm 160Make sure your location meets the presenter’s needs.

If needed arrange a set up time at your location for your presenter.

If you are in need of assistance in scheduling your next meeting or training event, please contact Jennifer Dunn to secure a training room at the OSU Endeavor Center, 1862 Shyville Rd., Piketon, Ohio 45661. You can contact Jennifer by calling 740-289-1605 or emailing