Social Media – What to Post

(Submitted by Melissa Carter, Business Development Specialist, Small Business Development Center, OSU South Centers)

As a facilitator and a user of social media, the most common question I get is “What do I post?” Here’s a list some content ideas for your social media platforms:

social-media-419944_1920Basic information of your business; such as hours, location, contact information, and website address.

• Pictures of your location, new products, behind the scenes, employees, and happy customers (note, please get your customers’ permission before posting their picture). Create a hashtag for your customers to share their own pictures of your products. From Hubspot, a post gets 53% more likes if there is a photo.

• YouTube videos or Vines of product demonstrations, services, virtual tours, or customer feedback.

• Links to your website (to drive traffic to your site) or to other small businesses in your area. Work with other small businesses to trade off information to promote both businesses.

• Posts that develop relationships and conversations about your brand or business. For example, if you sell strawberries, post a question asking for the best uses for strawberries.

• Flash sales or specific offers to your social media customers. Offer $3.00 off a pizza if they show the coupon.

• Share (some) relevant content from other outlets. An occasional share or repost of another business, recipes, or article is ok in moderation.

With any social media post, make sure your grammar is correct, avoid any controversial topics, and try to post something every day to stay relevant.