Use Smart Phone Apps to Manage and Pay Employees

(Submitted by Melissa Carter, Director, International Trade Assistance Center, OSU South Centers)

Smart Phone Clock in

More and more businesses are turning to smartphone apps to simplify their operations. Here are two great apps to use to manage and pay employees.

The first app is called TimeStation. This app allows employees to clock in and out using their smart phone. It will also map your location, ensuring your employee is clocking in from the office or job site. If you log onto their website (which is mobile friendly): the owner can run over 15 reports, follow their activity map, and calculate pay for the week. For 10 employees, the app and online program are free.

Next up is Cash. When the employees have clocked out for the week, and you’ve calculated their pay on TimeStation, it’s time for Cash. The Cash app ( allows you to securely transfer money from one account to another. It is very easy to set up. After entering a debit card number, you can send or receive money from anyone on your contacts list. When money is received, you will get a text alert saying it is not in your account. Cash is from the makers of Square, the program used to also accept credit/debit cards from your smartphone. Smart Phone Pay

Cash is available for both Apple and Android. TimeStation is available for Apple right now but will be adding Android soon.