Milestone #4: Final Product and Presentation to Client


Client Presentation 

Content Overview



I finally successfully presented my final project to the client (Best Choice Home Health Care). The presentation was done over Zoom and was attended by the SME and the director on the client’s side. The presentation went well and I successfully presented the completed project and defended my project design and implementation strategies.

I started with going over the project needs of the client from the beginning of the project. This consisted of a needs analysis and a learner needs which were important in order to express why the client was looking for an e-learning solution. I went over the most important components of the MOU in which we discussed what each of our responsibilities were and what was agreed upon for the final project. After going over this background information, I then went over what was actually done from the beginning of the project to completion. I went over the content I created and demonstrated how it looked and how to navigate through the different modules and components. In total I created three learning modules one consisting of 27 lesson, another consisting of 7 lesson and the last one consisting of 3 lessons. They served different purposes and highlighted what the HHA should know in each module.

The client was satisfied with the final product. I showed them some screenshots of the different components and a live demonstration of using the content and navigating around. They were really excited about the e-learning platform that I used (Articulate Rise 360) because of its great design features which includes its vast content library with images, fonts, color schemes and more for creating interactive and engaging content.

Finally, at the end of the presentation, I gave the client a chance to ask question and provide feedback on the presentation. I also provided a link for a Qualtrics post-presentation survey I conducted. They gave me great feedback and some encouragement as well as advice on some of the things I could improve on.

When I asked them about the process, they believed it went well overall, but they also felt a little overwhelmed because of the Covid-19 situation which was challenging for a lot of people to adjust to, but we worked around it. One thing they suggested was maybe  creating relationships and work with more team members at the agency so that way the project can always stay on track and now be held back by waiting on one person. Finally, overall the agency believed the experience was great. It gave the agency the chance to work with an instructional designer in helping them create online content for our agents. I know it was difficult at time for me because of things going on in my personal life and because of the schedule and the Covid-19 situation but I believe this gave me a  great experience, in working with an actual client in the real world. In life there are always obstacles, so persevering will only make me stronger and more prepared for the real world.