Module 9: Delivery Cycle 2


What you have done?

  • This week I worked on the second section of the client’s course. This module focused on the client’s requirements to create a knowledge base portal for their home health aides. This consisted of creating the course layout for the knowledge base portion of the content creation. This content was organized and divided into the following section:
  1. Defining home health services
  • HHA’s Role
  1. Foundation of Client Care
  • Infection Prevention & Control –
  • Safety & Body Mechanics/Emergencies
  • Understanding Clients
  • Body Systems
  • Human Development
  1. Client Care
  • Personal Care Procedures
  • Vital signs
  1. Special Clients, Special Needs
  • Disabilities & Mental Health Disorders
  • Special Conditions
  1. Home Management & Nutrition
  • The Clients Environment
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Caring for Yourself
  • Continuing Education
  • Stress Management
  • Your Career

I feel good about the progress and direction of this e-learning module so far. I am in the process of summarizing and condensing the information the client provided so I can turn it into a concise and engaging leaning content.

What you need to do?

  • I still need to finish up the module. I would like to incorporate some interactive elements into the module such as labeled graphics, flash cards and sorting activities.

How and why you have adjusted your Project Plan?

  • Because of the project time line nearing, I asked the clients if some of the content can be condensed. At first we were also thinking about recording orientation style videos at the client’s site which would be added to the additional resources section of the module. This would contain information about the Home Health Care Industry and an overview of the organization. But do to the time constraints and the Covid-19 situation, we decided this would be too difficult, so we went with transcribing what the client wanted to say and then doing an audio recording.