Module 7: Delivery Cycle 1


What you have done?

  • This week, I looked back the meeting minutes I had with the client in order to see where we left off and what we decided were the parameters of the project. I agreed on creating 2 modules for the staff at Best Choice Home Health Care. One would be to an educational knowledge module which would give the students overall knowledge they would need to know as Home Health Aides (HHA). The other would be a certification preparation module which would consist of the knowledge HHA would need in order to renew their certification each year. This a preparation for the 12 credit hours they would need to complete each year. A third portion of the project agreement was to create an additional resource page for the HHA which would consist of an info-graphic which would give an overview of the role of HHA and their responsibilities and expectations. It would also include audio and video recording that the client and I decided would be helpful as an extra resources. This would be an audio recording done by SME and I would then turn it into a video and upload it in the knowledge section of the course.
  • During this week, I decided on the e-learning platform to use for this training. To streamline the training and the content, I decided to keep it under one system using Articulate Rise 360. Articulate 360 is a cloud-based e-learning platform that is used to create online courses. This platform features a lot of great features and include a content library with images, fonts, color themes and more for creating interactive and engaging content.
  • This week I also started creating the layout for the course. I did the layout for the certification preparation module based on the content that the client provided. I laid out the course content and how I wanted it to look on the online platform based on the needs analyses of the students and the client’s requirement. I looked for appropriate images for each section of the module in order to add engagement and make the content more dynamic.

What you need to do?

  • My goal is to finish this model by next week. There are quite a few things I need to take care of. I still have to convert the handouts the client provided into an engaging e-learning format. I looked at the image database of Articulate Rise 360 and found the images I want to use. Inside the modules, I have to still working on making the training engaging by adding interactive aspects such as scenarios, labeled graphics, sorting activities, timelines and flash cards.

How and why you have adjusted your Project Plan?

  • So far, I have not adjusted my project so far. I am creating the first content training portion based on the MOU and the kick off meeting with the client. The only thing I have adjusted so far is the approach and time management aspect of the project. I know there is a lot that needs to be done, and there is not a lot of time, so I have to stay on track and streamline somethings. In our MOU, the client and I agreed that the document wasn’t set in stone and that if we needed to we could re-negotiate on some of the terms and adjust the project according to a mutual understanding.