Tour Reservations

We offer a few different types of tours at the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park. Please see below for more information and pricing for group/school tours.

Self-Guided Tours

Everyone is welcome to walk through the park on our paved trails. We do offer a few unimproved trails for exploration around the experimental wetlands and the bottomland hardwood forest. We just ask that folks stay on clearly marked trails so as not to disturb experimental areas. There are several signs located along the paths that act as educational stopping points and provide information on park biodiversity, the types of wetlands present, and research that has taken place on site. We are currently working on updating this signage and creating an accessible park exploration tool for our website. As a reminder, the park grounds are open from dawn till dusk. Park maps are available here. There is also a large map located on the West side of the Heffner building, just North of the parking area, near the picnic table (seen in the image below).

Please follow these guidelines while enjoying the park:

  • Stay on marked paths.
    • Please, please, please do not walk off trail. We may have just planted seed or could be conducting a sensitive experiment!
  • Keep pets and people out of the experimental wetlands and ponds.
  • Keep pets leashed and pick up after your pups.
  • No bikes on unpaved paths.

We strive to maintain a controlled, experimental facility for our faculty and student researchers and appreciate your cooperation in maintaining these spaces.

Note: Groups larger than 10 should fill out a tour reservation form, and we encourage you to schedule a guided tour with our staff. We will evaluate whether the site can accommodate a large group on a given date based on course schedules and field research activities.

An FFA chapter from Peebles, Ohio, receives a tour from ORWRP Research and Outreach Coordinator, Krystal Pocock.

Scheduled, Guided Tours by ORWRP Staff

Tours for small and large groups up to 30 are available year round, Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm, for a small donation of $8/person.

Tours are subject to staff availability. These tours last 45 minutes to 1 hour and are a lot of fun! We discuss park history, the importance of wetlands and our status as a RAMSAR wetland, all things wetland and river related, common animal species found in the park, the types of habitats found on site, and current and past research projects. You even get to walk out onto the experimental wetlands via our famous boardwalks! Our guests have such a fun time spotting wildlife and getting a behind-the-scenes look.

To schedule a tour, please fill out our Interest Survey.

Bi-weekly Tours

Beginning in June 2023, we will offer bi-weekly tours of the park for $8/person.

You can find a schedule of tours on our Facebook and Instagram. Most tours will cover the topics described above, but keep an eye out for themed walks as well!

All you need to do is sign up via a link we provide, and show up at the time of your scheduled tour with cash or a check made payable to The Ohio State University, memo: Olentangy River Wetland Research Park.