Past Events

The ORWRP engages in outreach activities and programs throughout the year. We host a variety of events ranging from general tours and community cleanups to high school field trips hosted by The Ohio State University students.
Some of our recent programs include:

Earth Day River Cleanup
April 15, 2023
As part of the Earth Day celebration, the ORWRP hosted a cleanup event. Volunteers collected more than 20 bags of trash from the park grounds using supplies donated by Green Columbus.

Fairbanks Middle School Field Trip
April 21, 2023
Students from Fairbanks Middle School visited the ORWRP on a field trip. The students spent the day at the park and were given a general tour, learned how migratory birds are collected, sampled, and banded, and sampled for fishes and aquatic insects.

Future Farmers of America, Peebles Chapter Tour
May 4, 2023
Students from the Peebles, Ohio chapter of FFA visited the ORWRP on a field trip. The students were given a general tour of the park, explored the experimental wetlands, and learned about the School of Environment and Natural Resources and some of the ongoing research at the park.

Cristo Rey AP Biology Field Trip
April 17, 2023
Students enrolled in ENR 5194 hosted high school students from Cristo Rey. Cristo Rey students were introduced to the site and participated in environmental education activities created by the ENR 5194 class. Students learned about water quality, macroinvertebrates, invasive species, interactions within nature, and observation skills.

Stormwater Wetland Native Seed Planting
March and April, 2023
Students enrolled in ENR 5194 and members of the student organization, Society for Ecological Restoration, removed invasive plans and planted native grass seeds in the stormwater wetland.


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