Olentangy River

© Greenway2010_flickrcreativecommons

© Greenway2010_flickrcreativecommons

The Olentangy River along the ORWRP is part of the greater Scioto Watershed. This river system creates habitat for many taxonomic groups including: birds, mammals, fish, macro-invertebrates, and plants. With a large body of water, many species of animal depend on this system for clean, quality water. The Wetland Research Park allows for the filtration of this water before it re-enters the Olentangy River, which can create an overall healthier system.  The species inventory includes more than just fish but due to current research those lists are currently being withheld from this public database.  For more information please contact the ORWRP Facility Manager.

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  1. Hi, I am doing a research project for one of my classes at OSU and I was wondering if you could give me an estimate for the amount of the Copper-bellied Water Snake, Queen Snake, Northern Fox Snake, Northern Brook Lamprey, Spotted Darter, Bluebreast Darter, River Redhorse, and Freshwater Mussels are currently in the Olentangy River. If they are extinct or endangered, how many did their used to be before the endangerment. Thank you!

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