K-12 School Groups

Students from Cristo Rey High School view aquatic invertebrates captured in a dipnet sample.

We are often asked if we have programs or activities for K-12 school groups. The answer is YES!

Availability of these programs is very limited at this time, but we are currently working towards developing and growing our K-12 programming. By early fall 2023, we hope to have a “menu” of programs that school groups will be able to choose from. There will be a small fee for these programs to cover the cost of staff time, prep, and materials, but charging a small fee for this service will ultimately help us deliver high-quality programming on a regular basis.

If you are a teacher or administrator looking to schedule a tour and activity for your class/group, please reach out to us at water@osu.edu.

Check back soon for more information on the types of programs we will offer, detailed descriptions, and a pricing schedule.