Current Research

This page is dedicated to current and ongoing research that is being conducted at the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park.

If you are interested in performing research at the ORWRP please fill out the research application found here and email it to

Zoe Korpi is currently a Master’s student in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, co-advised by Dr. Christopher Tonra and Dr. Stephen Matthew. Zoe is studying the migratory behavior of songbirds, but more specifically, she is looking at whether this behavior is influenced by windfarms as the birds cross over or around the Great Lakes. A great deal of Zoe’s work is conducted at the ORWRP but its reach is much farther. This work will help us gain a better understanding of habitat selection by migratory songbirds and will inform future management of songbird populations. Learn more by watching this video created by the CFAES Knowledge Exchange:


Affiliated Labs

Aquatic Physiological Ecology Lab, Dr. Suzanne Gray

Hydrobiogeochemistry Lab, Dr. Rachel Gabor

The Pintor Lab (Species Interactions – Behavior – Invasion Ecology – Biodiversity), Dr. Lauren Pintor

The Tonra Lab of Avian Ecology, Dr. Chris Tonra