Course Offerings

The classes offered onsite can vary with each semester.

Currently, for the Autumn 2023 semester, the park serves as the site for the following classes:
ENR 4345
ENR 5250.02
ENR 5280
ENR 5350.02
ENR 5362
ENR 8890.01

In the past, our park has served as the site for the following classes:

ENR 4285: Watershed Hydrology
Covers hydrologic processes in watersheds, including precipitation, evapotranspiration, infiltration, runoff, and streamflow. We will evaluate how watershed characteristics, climate, and land use control these processes. In addition, we will discuss and practice current physical, chemical, and computational techniques for characterizing the hydrologic functioning of watersheds.
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ENR 4345: Methods in Aquatic Ecology
Introduction to experimental designs, field and laboratory techniques, and statistical methods commonly used to study aquatic ecosystems.
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ENR 4610: Natural History of Ohio
Field course emphasizing inter-relationship among physical and biological factors in various ecological settings; field techniques and identification skills used for research paper.
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ENR 5194: Group Studies
Group studies on the nature and management of environmental and natural resources encompassed in various developing and special topics.
There is no syllabus available for this course.

ENR 5250.01: Wetland Ecology and Restoration
Wetland hydrology, biogeochemistry, vegetation, biotic adaptations. Ecosystem services, classification, and management of wetlands. Fundamental concepts of ecological engineering applied to wetland creation and restoration and river restoration.
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ENR 5250.02: Wetland Field Laboratory
Laboratory on wetland hydrology, vegetation, water quality, soils, and aquatic biota.
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ENR 5280: Stream Ecology
Structure, function, and biota of streams and rivers. Emphasis on ecosystem processes and community dynamics over space and time. Conservation, restoration, water policy, and environment-justice issues are also addressed.
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ENR 5350.01: Taxonomy and Behavior of Aquatic Invertebrates
Taxonomy and behavior of the major groups of aquatic invertebrates, with an emphasis on North American freshwater macroinvertebrates.
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ENR 5350.02: Taxonomy and Behavior of Fishes
Taxonomy and behavior of the major groups of fishes with an emphasis on North American freshwater fishes
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ENR 5362: Wildlife Ecology Methods
Methods used by wildlife ecologists to measure population characteristics and habitat quality for wild terrestrial vertebrates.
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ENR 5364.02: Avian Wildlife Biology and Management
Identification, ecology, and population management of North American birds.
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ENR 5370: Management of Wildlife Habitat
Introduction to the principles of wildlife-habitat relationships, natural history of major North American ecosystems with an Ohio focus, and the conservation and management of wildlife habitats within those ecosystems.
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ENR 8890.01: Fisheries and Wildlife Science Seminar 
Graduate seminar on special topics in fisheries and wildlife science in environment and natural resources. The exact content of this course varies with instructor.
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