What this Class has Taught Me So Far (3 Key Takeaways)

In all honesty, I feel that I have learned much more in this class in the first few weeks than I thought I would have when I first began. One of the most important things I have learned are the various strategies one can employ to avoid procrastination and being more efficient with time constraints. Another key concept I feel in this class is the various note taking strategies as these can really help students manage their time and organize their notes in a more condensed form. The final takeaway from this class perhaps is one of the most benificial and helpful in the long run which is Trello. At no point did I think such a well organized online planner would exist, however this class has shown to me that online planners are much more beneficial, nearly impossible to “lose”, and that they save resources (paper).

Reflection on Note Taking Strategies

Through the various note taking strategies I have learned about in this class, there are a few takeaways that I feel are necessary to be a good note taker. I believe abbreviations and acronyms are crucial in faster and more efficient note taking. I also feel that they provide a more efficient studying strategy as they provide easy ways to remember certain concepts. Note taking typically can be very stressful as at times it is often difficult to keep up with what an instructor is lecturing about, so I found it quite useful to be able to use acronyms in class as it both helped me keep up with lecture and also allowed me to remember the full name of the acronym better. I firmly believe the method of using abbreviations and/or acronyms are the key to being successful in a learning environment.

What I Have Achieved With Online Learning

Over the past couple years I have taken a few online classes that have taught me a few things. One of the major things I learned was being more independent and allowing myself to plan out my assignments without any help. Another thing I have achieved is better note taking skills as online classes allow me to slow things down and explore various note taking techniques. Furthermore, it is important to stress that online learning has truly allowed for me to explore the different methods of searching for things for the purpose of research, as for example using quotations to directly look up key words has helped me greatly.

About Me

My name is Steven Orosz and I am third year Chemistry major at The Ohio State University and plan on pursuing a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry. I was born in Romania and immigrated to the United States when I was a young child and speak Hungarian, Romanian, and English. I have an interest in online classes and how they can revolutionize education systems.