One down!

And rest…

Until January at least. But one semester is in the books and it feel great! It’s kind of a weird feeling because at times the semester felt like it started ages ago and now that it’s over it’s like, where did the semester go? Either way, we’ve been done about a week now and I think I’ve finally caught up on all the sleep I missed this semester. I think I had maybe 5 hours of sleep for 3 straight days at the end of finals and I’m pretty pleased with that actually. Despite the allure of sleep, there may or may not have been moments where my study partners and I were questioning our sanity. That’s especially true on days I left for school around 8am and didn’t typically return to my apartment until midnight. But through the long days, the stress of finals closely packed together, and sheer quantity of information to get through, I really wouldn’t trade it for anything else because ultimately what I am learning now will allow me to provide great care to my patients in the not to distant future. I kind of liken it to people who asked me in undergrad “how are you a biochemistry major? You must hate it!” Well, maybe to you it wouldn’t be much fun but I’d say the same about being an English major. From the outside, sure, it looks (and is) a ton of hard work. In a way though, it’s stuff I enjoy learning about which makes it much easier to get motivated and do the work. Plus there are 68 other people in my class to help push me on those days I just want to be a bum and not study.

It’s great to be on break this time as compared to Thanksgiving. Since we are between semesters, I have no school work that absolutely has to get done during this break so I can sit back and enjoy it more. The 2 ½ weeks from Thanksgiving to winter break was such a marathon of studying for 2 practicals and 5 finals that I got so use to being busy nearly every hour of the day that when I suddenly had nothing on my schedule it was admittedly odd for the first few days. I think I’ve adjusted just fine though and it’s giving me a chance to catch up on the to-do list items that couldn’t get done during the semester. I’m going to try to soak up these last 2 ½ weeks of break as much as I can as lots to work lies ahead but I’ll be recharged and ready to go in 2015. See you then.