Social Eyes, Tests, and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has finally come and it’s nice to get away for a few days, assemble the family, and enjoy a chance to get caught up a little bit (on sleep at least).

Since I last wrote a post about a month ago we’ve all survived a second round of tests and really only have a week left of classes after Thanksgiving. Finals are looming in just about 2 weeks, which is kinda insane to think about. There’s a lot of work to be done between now and then so it will be a bit of a sprint to the end of the semester. I’m certainly looking forward to the 3 ½ weeks over winter break where I will be able to get in some Netflix binge watching and recharge for spring semester.

Netflix and I will be best friends over Winter Break.
A common sight over the next couple weeks will be some serious study groups.

Besides all the studying thought, as I’ve mentioned before, we still find ways to get away from school. A program the College of Optometry started this year called Social Eyes helps with that as well. In Social Eyes, a small group of about 9 students are paired with a faculty member and meet about once a month. Dinner is kindly provided by the faculty of the school (we’re basically a big family anyway), and it also gives us a chance to get to experience parts of Columbus and get to know classmates and a faculty member a bit outside of school. A couple weeks ago my Social Eyes group met up at a local Columbus favorite, Schmidt’s. Schmidt’s is well known for their authentic german food and cured meats (I recommend the original Bahama Mama) and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Neither did the cream puffs we all shared for dessert. If you’re ever passing through Columbus, Schmidt’s, located in German Village, is a must stop.

The cream puff. A thing of beauty and deliciousness.
The cream puff. A thing of beauty and deliciousness.
A visit to Schmidt's also wouldn't be complete without a photo in true German attire.
A visit to Schmidt’s also wouldn’t be complete without a photo in true German attire.

As a group we also went to a neat local bookstore in German Village called The Book Loft. “Book Loft” might be a misnomer, as The Book Loft is like no other bookstore I’ve ever been to. It’s hard to describe other than The Book Loft is really a collection of rooms and each room has a theme, such as sports, politics, food, etc. I think there are 20 plus rooms and you can find any book you probably ever wanted there but having worked in a bookstore before, I’d hate having to do inventory there.

Now onto finals and Winter Break will be here before I know it.