The start of school

Whirlwind (noun): something that involved many quickly changing events, feelings, etc.

Synonyms: Optometry school orientation and first week of classes.

I’m not sure there is a word in the English language that can exactly describe everything that is orientation and the first week of classes but whirlwind was the best I could find. The not nearly encompassing list includes students affairs information, numerous policies and procedures to be aware of, official photographs, a tour of campus, financial aid information, an interprofessional workshop with other first-years in other healthcare programs at Ohio State (which was the first time Ohio State had ever done it, and it was awesome), get-to-know-you social events every night of the first week, and did I mention classes yet? It’s certainly been busy but everything so far has been great!

Part of the whirlwind has also been adjusting to life in Columbus at Ohio State. After growing up in a somewhat small town in northeast Ohio called Wooster, I went to an even smaller town for college at Denison University. And don’t let the University moniker fool you, it’s small school of only 2,100 students with no graduate programs. So to say it’s been a bit of an adjustment to move into life at Ohio State is perhaps a bit of an understatement. I mean the entire Ohio State student population alone is twice the size of my hometown and it even has its own zip code! But what’s been really great is the College of Optometry itself is small. Our class is just under 70 students so I’ve been able to actually get to know everyone on at least some level and at the same time we get access to all the benefits of a large public research institution. It’s the best of both worlds a little bit.

Oh yeah, classes! After a kind of weird schedule for orientation week, we’ve started to settle into them this week. I still have to look at what class is when and what day on a nearly constant basis but we’ve already hit the ground running in many of the classes. One of my biggest worries coming back to school (I graduated college in 2011 so it’s been a few years) has been how I’ll be able to handle the workload. It certainly is elevated from undergrad but everyone is in the same boat. I’ve already been able to get some notes off other people and everyone is willing to help answer questions or work through topics with you. And this realization hit me the other day- I’ve only known many of my classmates for just over a week and a half now but it has felt like we’ve known each other for months. All the professors and staff are not kidding when they say Ohio State is like a big family. There will be times in practice where we will depend on each other’s expertise and that family built at Ohio State Optometry will provide that support for years after we’re out of school. It makes me very excited to be part of the Ohio State Optometry family!

Each time I post, I’m going to try to have a little fun fact and it will usually center around something we’ve talked about recently in class. So enjoy!

Fun fact of the blog:

Did you know, your tears are actually made of three separate layers? A lipid layer on top, an aqueous middle layer, and a mucin layer distributed throughout the aqueous layer with the highest concentration at the bottom of the tear.

… And we’re off!

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to get started blogging for Ohio State Optometry about my time and experiences as an optometry student! In general I’ll be posting about once a month and hope mix in some shorter blog blasts as well. I’ll get my first full post up before too long as there is a lot to talk about already three weeks into the semester.

In the meantime, here’s a behind the scenes shot from the photo shoot Jessica (my fellow first year student blogger) and I had the other day.

Jessica's photo shoot.
Jessica’s photo shoot.