Strolling into Year #2


First day of school for you!

So guys, it’s my first day at school.

“back to school, back to school!”


Thanks for being my support.

Who’s ready to start year two?


Wow, what a week already. It started off by a Bigs and Little barbecue. At Ohio State we have a tradition of pairing first year students with second year students so that the second year students can pass on their knowledge that they have gained in their first year to the new incoming first year class.

I’m excited to meet everyone to make some new connections but to also see the friends that are missed over the summer. This year will be full of classes, labs and pre-clinic and we’re gonna really dig into the skills of what it takes to become an optometrist.

And Ohio State is trying to equip us with the best clinical skills so that we can become the best doctors that we can.

Welcome back to school!

I’m looking forward to what this year has to offer.