The Last Post of Optometry School!

I can’t believe how much has happened since my last post—the most exciting being that I completed my last day of optometry school last Thursday! I guess time got away from me with completing my last two externships and I forgot to update you on the life of a fourth year student! As I mentioned previously, I did my first externship at a combined optometry/ophthalmology practice in Northeast Ohio, not too far from where I grew up. I was able to live at home and commute which was great because I got to save money on rent, spend time with my parents and my dog! The amount of knowledge and experience I gained during my Advanced Practice rotation at the office was immense. I truly enjoyed my time there and learned so much about the intricacies of treating and managing ocular disease while on my rotation. Not only did I learn a considerable amount, I gained excellent optometric role models and mentors to help guide me with my career choices.

While on externship there, I made the decision to apply and interview for an Ocular Disease Residency. I had entered optometry school with the intention of completing a residency but had gotten wrapped up in classes in clinics throughout my first 3 years that I lost sight of really thinking about it. When it came time to make my decision, I discussed and weighed all my options with my mentors at my extern site, my family and many current and past residents for guidance. After applying I knew that I had made the right choice. I very anxiously awaited the Match Day in March. As soon as I found the results and realized I had matched I was so excited! I know that my position as a resident next year is going to help me to gain immeasurable experience with ocular disease and help me reach my future career goals.

My last extern rotation was at the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Hospital in Salt Lake City! I road-tripped it out West at the beginning of February to spend the last three months of optometry school providing eye care to our nation’s veterans. I really enjoyed my time spent at the VA and in Salt Lake City! It was a little mini adventure as I got to explore all the beautiful landscape and National Parks of Utah!

My last day of optometry school was a surreal feeling. I finished up at the VA and then packed up to road trip back to Ohio and just finished up the trip last night! I still don’t feel like it’s hit me yet that I’m really done. I wonder if this weekend at all of our graduation events it will finally start to sink in! I’m so excited to get back to Columbus to celebrate graduation and starting the next chapter of our lives.  As we’ve been approaching graduation, I’ve been reflecting on my time at Ohio State for optometry school and everything I’ve gone through in the past 4 years. I’ve thought about how much I’ve learned (so much!), the life long friends I’ve made, the connections I’ve developed and how much I’ve grown as an individual. I’m so thankful for my time at The Ohio State University College of Optometry.

I guess this is my last blog post for my time at school. I truly hoped you’ve enjoyed reading my posts and have gained some insights into what it’s like to be an optometry student at Ohio State. One last parting cheer….. OH-EYE-O!