Hello from the other side….. Of Part I!

Yes! NBEO Part 1 is over! Okay, well it was a month ago but I had some catching up on classes and other real life things to do… It is so relieving to not have to study for a good 5-6 hours every night for Boards on top of studying for class. However, there’s still that tiny bit of anxiety lingering in the back of my mind while waiting for our scores (cue the Jeopardy music). In the mean time, I’ve also registered for Part II, our second computer exam focused on diagnosis and treatment and Part III, the clinical skills exam that is taken in Charlotte, NC. Making moves!
Also, this week is the Class of 2018’s last finals week EVER! How does it feel? It feels weird, surreal, awesome, bittersweet, exciting and oh yeah, weird! Only 4 more exams of my optometric career left! I can’t believe the coursework-focused portion of school is coming to an end but I am so excited to expand my clinical experience on externs. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ll be at the college here in Columbus full time first. However, half of my class will be leaving for externs in a week. It’s going to be so strange and sad not seeing everyone’s faces everyday. I’ll miss being all together as the Class of 2018. The next time will be graduation– that’s crazy!

Last day of class together!

In my next post, I’ll be a fourth year optometry student (What?! How?!). I’m looking forward to all of the incredibly new, exciting experiences my last year of optometry school will hold. And rest assured, I will be updating everyone about each one! Thanks for reading—until next time ☺