Hi! I figured it was about time to update my blog on the ins and outs of third year. Right now, my thoughts can pretty much be boiled down to one word: Boards. My classmates and I are currently studying for NBEO Exam Part 1, which we will take in March. Of course we’re all in class and have clinic rotations but our main focus is about preparing for the Boards Exam. I am spending so much more time in the library; it feels like going back to first year when my mindset was “study, study, study.” Studying for Boards is different in that there is no new material; all the topics have been covered in previous courses. It surprised me how quickly and easily most material from first year came back to me. I think that’s a testament to our professors and the material they provided us with and how important all my hard work at that time was. Of course I’m nervous about Boards and feel the stress of studying for such a major exam but it doesn’t seem like an impossible feat whatsoever. We’ve got this, Class of 2018!

Of course, I’ve still made some time to fit in spending time with friends because it’s important to have a school-life balance. Just recently it was Pledging week for Epsilon Psi Epsilon, the optometry fraternity that I am a member of along with many of my classmates. It’s always a fun week filled with meeting the first years who have decided to join and welcoming them into the fraternity. It’s such a great way to start the Spring Semester. Also, with a


GoPro ski selfie!

group from EYE, I went on the Ski Trip to Holiday Valley for the first time. I hadn’t been skiing since high school and was so excited to go again and test out if I had lost all my skills. It turned out to be a


Ski Trip Group!

beautiful and snowy weekend in New York spent with good friends! With remotely few wipe-outs (only two!) I was able to get back to skiing with some encouragement and tips from some pros in the group. A couple people came equipped
with GoPro cameras and captured some awesome footage and photos of the whole group as we tore up the mountainsides (Ski pictures photo cred goes to them). I am so glad to have been able to go to an awesome trip with my EYE brothers and sisters this year!

Also, last night was the Lions Club’s annual Night at the Races fundraising event and another first for me in optometry school. Having been unable to go my first two years, I was really looking forward to attending the Derby themed event. The Lions Club officers did a wonderful job of putting on a fun event where we watched horse races and “betted” with fake money on our own horses we were able to name.img_7829 Mine was “Apple of My Eye” and yes, most of them were horse related eye puns! The event raises money for Pilot Dogs, Inc. and as part of this a representative brings along a seeing-eye dog so that we can do what they call “trust walks.” You wear glasses that mimic a severe visual impairment to feel what it’s like to use dog to guide your movements. Here’s a picture of me being led by Sarah! She effortlessly guided my through a maze of chairs even though I was not sure-footed. It was a very meaningful demonstration and I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it at Night at the Races.


The Class of 2018 at the Night at the Races! Photo cred: Anthony’s photo collection


Last thing I wanted to touch on—my extern placements! I mentioned in my last blog that I would update what sites I will be going to for our Disease Rotation (at a VA Hospital) and Advanced Practice site. I didn’t explain much of the structure of the fourth year in the last post but basically, everyone is in Columbus for half of the year on different rotations at the school or the greater Columbus area and then the other half we are on externs. I found out that I will be in Columbus the first half of the year and then am going to my Advanced Practice extern site at Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons in Kent, OH and then the Salt Lake City VA Hospital! I am extremely excited for both of my placements; I have heard very positive things from upperclassmen about both sites. They will be excellent for expanding my clinical care of patients and preparing me for my future as an optometrist.

That’s all I have to add for now, time to go study for Boards! Thanks for reading my update on third year happenings!