Equipment Day!

Hello, all!

Monday of this week was like a second Christmas- EQUIPMENT DAY! We have been learning about all of this equipment, hearing from various representatives from different companies, trying out the different brands, obsessing over the type of handles and color of lenses to get, and finally the big day came! Monday we got our BIO, direct ophthalmoscope, retinoscope, and the first year kit full of all sorts of neat things like a trial fr

Bridget and Nate trying out direct ophthalmoscopy.

ame and “flipper” lenses.

Dr. Mutti perfectly timed our optics lab, so we could try out our new equipment in lab this week. We practiced doing ophalmoscopy and retinoscopy on each other and a model eye set up with an image of a retina.

Before optics lab today, we had our last Fellowship of Christian Optometrists meeting of the semester during lunch.  They had lunch provided, and we heard from all those who went on the trip to Jamaica. I really hope to go on the trip next  year! They shared stories of patients who walked in with help because they could not see and left with no help because they were able to restore their vision! They were involved in about 97 pterygium surgeries, so the second year students got to do exams including pre and post operation care. The first years helped out with more preliminary testing. Looks like it was pretty life-changing experience for the students and the patients!

During our lunch, we also learned our positions for next year in FCO. I am partnering with one of my classmates to be fellowship chair. This year we had weekly devotionals during a lunch hour one day a week. Next year we hope to continue the devotions, but we also hope to incorporate a small group for men and a group for women for additional fellowship. I am excited to see what comes of it!

In addition to Monday being equipment day, it was also my group’s SocialEyes day. We all went to Dr. Walline’s house for dinner and played games. I originally planned to only stay until about 7:30 because my commute is so long home. Well, I had so much fun I didn’t end up leaving until almost 9. We plan to do one more outing after our last final exam. The cool thing is, we will stay with this same group until we graduate, so we have many more gatherings to come.

We are at the point in the semester where it feels like you are looking up at a mountain to climb with a tsunami behind you. We have three exams next week, a brain practical the following week, and then it is finals week. The nice thing is, I have done this before, so it is much less stressful than it was the first semester. You know that even though the mountain seems like an obstacle too large for you, you will make it.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!