Happy Thanksgiving from the Class of 2020!

friendsgiving_2016Photo by Joe L.


I am happily writing this while sitting on my couch for possibly the first time in weeks! It is insane how busy optometry school is, yet so wonderful!

My family celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend due to most of the family traveling out of state on the day of Thanksgiving. As our professors have promised, when you see your family, they will have lots of questions about what you are up to. I find it sort of challenging to tell a person what we do in optometry school because every day is quite different. For instance, last week we got to be in clinic (after hours) for the first time ever. We learned how to use all the pre-testing machines like visual field testing. Last week I also went to my first Buckeye Basketball game and ate at Cane’s for the first time (very good, by the way). We do spend most of our time in lectures and studying, but even that is new every day. We go from learning how lenses are designed to treat astigmatism to where the cranial nerves are traveling through the skull. Next week we will be doing our cow eye and/or pig eye dissections, which is super exciting!

My favorite thing about optometry school right now is my friends! I am so fortunate to have met people that I literally spend 10+ hours a day with 5+ days a week and never get tired of them. We were all kind of sad to leave today because we won’t see each other for five days!

We had a pathophysiology exam yesterday, so what better way to unwind than have 40 friends/classmates gather for Friendsgiving! We all scurried home after class to frantically cook things. Since I commute over an hour, I went to my friend’s apartment and helped her make a ham. It was becoming a fiasco getting our dinner organized, but it turned out to be so awesome!