Histology Practical


I am super excited because we are test free for the next week! We have had two tests per week since the last week of September, so it is nice to have a little less pressure for about a week and a half before we have another test. I was particularly worried about this last test because it was a practical. So far our general anatomy labs have been completely focused on histologimg_20161020_065908221y, which means looking at microscope slides of tissues for hours. When we first started histology, I remember Dr. Earley walking us through the differences between mucous secretory units and serous secretory units, which will help to identify the particular gland you are looking at. I remember thinking, “I am never going to figure this out.

Stomach/ Duodenum Slide
Stomach/ Duodenum Slide

Everything looks like pink and purple dots!” Well, I am pleased to say that I did finally figure it out! After multiple days of 2-5 hours of studying slides, I can finally differentiate between the different tissues we learned. In the end, it feels good to look at the box of slides that used to be a huge mystery to me and know that I conquered it. For the rest of the semester, anatomy will be primarily focused on the skull.

My next thing to accomplish that currently seems mysterious to me is lensometry. We take a class called Primary Care Testing where we learn to do a lot of the screening tests that are performed in an eye exam. Lensometry is used to determine the type of lens and the prescription of the lens, which seemed simple until I was trying to do it the first time. I will definitely be spending some time on that this next week.

Have a great weekend!