An Unexpected Day!


I couldn’t help but write a quick blog about this unexpected day. We had an ocular anatomy exam on Tuesday and an optics exam this morning, so it has been a week of intense studying. While studying practically nonstop is hard, it is kind of exciting to start taking tests because it takes away some of the mystery. It is nerve-wracking waiting to get our test results back, but I am ready to find out how my study habits are working. I have found that each class requires different study methods, but across the board, flashcards have been really helpful. Many of us use Quizlet for our cards, which is great for sharing! It is helpful to share flashcards because it makes for a huge variety of questions to study from. For example, my ocular anatomy flashcard count was at 281! Crazy! Thankfully, these are digital flashcards, so no trees were harmed in the process.

This morning we had our optics exam followed by a few hours of lecture (general anatomy and pathophysiology). After a tough week, a group of us decided we deserved a lunch better than what we packed, so we went to Panera Bread. While we were at lunch, our pathophysiology professor came by to get lunch at Panera, too. After she got her lunch, she came walking out to our table with a warm chocolate chip cookie for each of us! I could not believe she went out of her way to buy us each a chocolate chip cookie! Shortly after the cookies, we got an email saying that our afternoon lab was rescheduled! While we love our classes, nobody slept more than 5 hours last night and needed a break. We took an extra-long lunch, packed up our stuff and headed home! I commute about an hour and ten minutes, so I am always relieved to be able to beat rush hour. (I’ll try and provide more details on my commuting experience later).

While driving home, I was reflecting on the events of the day, and I was just smiling in my car. Optometry school is hard, but I am so much enjoying it. Yes, we had a test this morning that was challenging, but it was followed up by interesting lectures, lunch with classmates, free cookies, and an unexpected free afternoon! As for the rest of my day, I decided to have a cup of tea and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls while I write this blog. The rest of the evening will be back to the normal study routine. We have two exams next week and one the following week, so only a short break today.

Enjoy your evening!

Friday Reflections

Good morning!

I am always filled with gratitude as I make my daily walk to the college of Optometry especially when I look up and see the Brutus with glasses shining between the trees. The sun seems to always be shining on him, and it just reminds me how blessed I am to be here.brutus-close

I particularly enjoy my Friday morning walk because it gives me a chance to reflect on the past week. This past week I completed our independent study biochemistry class. The biochemistry course is an online course with modules and quizzes. Once all of the modules are complete, the final is offered every Monday. I appreciated that the course was independent because it is largely review, so we all were able to go at it at our own pace and get it done early.

This week I also had our first Fellowship of Christian Optometrists (FCO) lunch time devotional. The group started with a picnic at one of the professor’s houses. We also had our first official meeting where a graduate of the college came back to speak about her experience and how FCO shaped her career. I am really excited to be a part of FCO because it has allowed me to meet students from each class, and we have a lot of shared interests.

As for the rest of the week, it has been mostly just the usual classes and studying. I had one minor hiccup when I spilled tea on my laptop. While it was sad to make such an expensive mistake, it worked out because it happened at the end of the day, so I just had to go and buy a new one. If I lost my laptop at the start of the day, it would have made for a rough day. The majority of students use laptops and tablets to take notes, so having my laptop is crucial. I was also thankful because I use a cloud to save my notes, so I did not lose them.

As for the rest of today, I have scheduled to meet with my pathophysiology professor for office hours and then class.

Have a nice weekend!