Optometry Ambassadors Highlights: The Professional School Orchestra

          The goal of the Ambassador’s program is to make incoming and prospective students aware of all the opportunities we have to offer here at The Ohio State College of Optometry. We pride ourselves in community and fostering that work/life/school balance. Excelling in academics to become the best Optometrists we can be is obviously paramount, but as students, we all know far too well how easy it can be to get burnt out, over-worked and to miss out on the fun in life – that’s where student organizations come in! Student organizations offer multiple ways to get involved, connect with other students and to find or rekindle new/old passions that give life more meaning and purpose.

        Once such club that we would like to highlight for the month of February is the Professional School Orchestra. Among the masses of lost musicians in the graduate programs, the Professional School Orchestra provides a creative outlet to practice and enjoy playing music once again. For many students, trumpets, violins, and saxophones –many of which untouched since middle school- are dusted off by the organization’s 30+ members every week to practice in Meiling Hall.

              What was once known as “The Medical School Orchestra,” now has rebranded to become more inclusive to the various graduate-professional colleges of Ohio State including nursing, law, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, medicine, and veterinary medicine. Not only do students have the opportunity to continue experiencing and performing their unique musical talents, orchestra allows Optometry students to connect and network with other professional students.

              So if you are a student looking to blow off steam once a week by distracting yourself from studying and practicing or you just simply enjoy playing theme music and have always wanted to play the Pokémon theme song on the trombone…whatever the reason for joining, PSO allows for professional students to connect and network with peers while simultaneously making music.

              Students are welcomed to join regardless of their performance experience and musical abilities. For more info check out PSO on social media at: http://Facebook.com/OhioStatePSO