Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog!

The first few weeks have been a whirlwind of getting accustomed to all the new faces and the new campus. I went to undergrad at a pretty small school so it’s been a fun adjustment to all that Ohio State has to offer. For example, I love all the different restaurants available all around campus. Whatever food I’m craving, there is definitely some place to get in on campus! I also love the variety of study places available—from Prior Health Sciences Library to Thompson Library to The Oval to one of the many coffee shops on campus and so much more.

We’re in the same classroom all day for all our classes—our teachers just come to us—and that’s given us a chance to get pretty close and comfortable with one another. Being in class all day is a lot more bearable when you love the people you’re around all day! In addition, all the teachers make lecture more enjoyable with their fun personalities and great teaching styles. But most of all, it’s easy to enjoy going to class when all the teachers make sure to tie every lecture back to why what we’re learning is important to you, as a future optometrist.

I’ve been slowly establishing a routine for myself. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how I have time to keep up with schoolwork, (almost) regularly work out, and still have fun! In the first week, a lot of clubs had different fun events for us to get to know one another and some of the older students, as well. In the following weeks, different clubs have started to have their first meetings to get the word out about what their clubs are about and some have already caught my eye. I’m excited to get involved in all the different clubs and organizations here at the College over the next few years.

At the Welcome Dinner for all the Opt I’s

I’ve also started to make friends that I can already tell will become part of my support system over the next few years. Absolutely everyone I’ve met has been incredibly kind and welcoming and I can’t wait to get to know everyone better.

Cheering for the BuckEYEs on Opening Night!

Life has been pretty crazy lately because we are smack in the middle of our first round of midterms… It’s been stressful but I can’t help but feel proud of myself for how much I’ve learned–and I’m only a little over a month in. I’m excited to finish our exams this week and celebrate with everyone next weekend.

I’m beyond thrilled that I get to spend the next four years at this great school and I’m so excited to share my journey with you all! Thank you for reading and I’ll SEE ya soon!