Convergence: Update for the College of Optometry – September 14, 2020

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Q/A from webinar:

Q: Are boxes that have been packed since the last move acceptable?
A: Yes, packed boxes are acceptable. If the packed box will fit in a crate, please put the box in a crate.

Q: Do I understand that I need to remove all items from my bookshelf?
A: Yes. Pack the contents in a provided crate.

Q: How will mail be delivered to new building?
A: Mail will be received on the third floor and delivered to individual mail slots that will be located on each floor of the building.

Q: Do we need to clear out our lockers too?
A: Yes. The lockers in the Fry Bridge and Starling-Loving will be moved by the end of the year. Fry Hall will have lockers for opt 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s. The Opt 3’s will also have lockers at 11th & Neil as well. Fourth year students will have the use of a locker only for the semester that they are in clinics at 11th & Neil. Locker assignments are forthcoming.

Q: Will all graduate students move on December 7th?
A: Please consult the documents on the I:drive for specific move dates.

Q: Is it confirmed that there is no spring break for all 4 years of students at the college of optometry? If so, do the third years get any time off of classes during the week of boards?
A: Correct. There is no spring break next semester. Dr. Earley will work with spring semester instructors for the workload during the week of boards. Information will be in course syllabi.

Q: What are the dimensions of the crates?
A: The provided packing crates are 26inches long x 16 inches wide x 14inches deep

Q: Do I have to pack up contents in file cabinets?
A: Yes. Pack contents in provided crates.

Q: Mailroom deliveries in Fry?
A: Deliveries will be received on the first floor of Fry. Packages received will be placed on the counter in the first floor Fry research area (currently BVP and LV) for pick-up. Individual mail to be delivered to mail slots on each floor of each building.