Convergence: Update for the College of Optometry – July 13, 2020

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Q/A from webinar:

Q:  Now that there are confirmed COVID cases among students in clinic, is there any policy to “contract trace” or quarantine for students who have been exposed?

A: Dr. Nixon will do all contact tracing and make notifications as needed.


Q:  Will Keystone be virtual?

A:   Right now, the plan is to deliver the courses live.


Q:  For future COVID cases that are confirmed, will other students get an email notifying them they were in lab/clinic group with someone who tested positive?

A:  Dr. Nixon will notify those that may have had an exposure.


Q:  If someone has had exposure, can he or she just get a test and if negative return to clinic?  Instead of quarantining?

A:  No.  The virus has an incubation period, quarantining is required.


Q:  Can we please cut back the amount of people in consultation rooms?

A:  Service chiefs are working to limit occupancy in consultation rooms.  The risk is low since all are masked.


Q: Will the public be notified of positive cases?

A: Any members of the public would not be at risk for a significant exposure because all in the building are masked.


Q: If you have to travel/fly to an area that’s considered a high risk state according to DCD, should you make the school aware of this travel?

A: Dean Zadnik strongly suggests that travel, especially to a high risk state, should not occur.


Q: If the State of Ohio goes to a Level 4 will the College of Optometry be mandated to close again?

A: The mandate to close would come through the University.