Mid-Semester Update

Hello Everyone!

I haven’t been managing this page recently, as the main focus of the site has been to keep tabs on where we are and where we’re going in the manga, but I felt 8 weeks in was a good time for a written update.

We’ve had a few meetings this semester, largely revolving around the huge arcs we’ve read through – Water7/Ennis Lobby and Thriller Bark. I think we’ve discovered that people are too busy to read huge portions of the series at one time, so we’re moving towards a higher frequency, lower chapter-count meeting approach.

Our Cherished Advisor has accepted a position at another university, so we’re flying solo this semester. We plan to recruit some new advising in the future, stay posted for that. We also have some new attendees as well, so a warm welcome to Nasif and Theo!

Overall, we have a productive second half of this semester planned, and some very interesting content to cover!

We’re a new club!

Hello all who are interested, or simply stumbling through the web!

We’re a new club on campus, aiming to read and analyze Oda Eiichiro’s literary masterpiece – One Piece

Currently we’re 6 members strong, and under some excellent leadership. They’ll make their own introductions soon, but just so you know who they are:

Exalted president: Tiffany Pham

Sagacious vice-president: Aastha Dhakal

Frugal treasurer: Louie Mayo

Cherished advisor: Matthew Kessler


Stay tuned for updates!

Your humble secretary,

Alec Wilson