Big Data and Analytics Association

The Big Data and Analytics Association has helped me as an aspiring computer scientist and possible data scientist, really realize what my future field is all about. The club hosts information sessions with companies that come and talk to us about what they do, how they do it, and the future of our field.

Before this, my knowledge of what and how I would really do things with a computer science degree was someone limited. I learned computer coding languages and how to build stuff with them on certain programs, but applying that to building products that people would actually use was lost on me. BDAA helped give me a vision for what I can do in the future and I’m glad to say that I am looking forward to it.


My Story

My Name is Hans Ooms and I entered Ohio State in August of 2017. I was born in Michigan and moved to Ohio June of 2015. I’m always learning and always ready for new experiences. I aim to be in the top 10% of my class and find what I want to do for a career as I am currently enrolled as an engineering undeclared. I have an interest in Physics, Math, Computer Science, and Economics and I am actively looking for internships involving these subjects. I have work experience with several different jobs (mostly fast/casual dining) and I am always more than willing to put forward the work to get the job done.

Year in Review

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The two G.O.A.L.S that speak to me are Original Inquiry and Academic Enrichment. I plan to incorporate Original Inquiry over the next year by reaching out to professors and participating in undergraduate research. I’m planning on participating in research relating to computer science but if I’m not able to do that then Physics research is the next priority as I’m thinking of a minor in physics. Over the next year for Academic Enrichment I plan to continue membership with BDAA and become a member of AI club to enhance my knowledge of further pursuits in Computer Science.

Over the next 4 years I plan to participate in Original Inquiry by learning app development and creating apps with a group of friends as well as pursuing website design and other money making ventures in computer science. As well as this, if I choose and find it useful for participating in graduate school, I may participate in more undergraduate research opportunities. For Academic Enrichment I plan on continuance of club participation as well as Hackathon participation and further side projects.

For the next 10 years I may or may not go to graduate school if I decide I want to continue with AI research further as well as other Graduate-School-needed pursuits, and if so I will continue to do research in the computer science field for Original inquiry. For Academic Enrichment, incorporation of AI knowledge in business and side project practices as I further my education will be the main plan. Application of my knowledge is the goal, whether it be in app development, my own business practices, research, or work for another company.


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Ping Pong Club

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Halfway through into the first semester, I’ve participated in quite a few events and clubs, but I haven’t followed through on many of them as I found they weren’t really in-tune with what I wanted. One club I have continued with is ping pong club. Though it may not seem very “academic,” my experience at ping pong club has helped me realize the benefits of using proper analysis to improve activities.

Whenever I played ping pong, I would play with friends. The game I played would be undisciplined. I still wanted to beat my friends and play well, so I practiced. I thought about the game logically and made adjustments to my playing style accordingly, and I thought I became pretty good. But after joining ping pong club the level of in-depth explanation they were able to give about proper form and the physics involved in the game put my own thinking to shame. They could tell you the best theoretical angles in certain positions and how much forward vs. side. vs upward motion you wanted in some positions. Using the knowledge I learned and loved in physics not only made the game more fun to look at, but it improved my game immensely. I had organization to it as well as concrete positions and forms to strive for when trying to improve. The lesson helped me learn how analysis activities could improve not only the quality with which you perform it, but also your enjoyment of it as well. Actually thinking in-depth about activities (and even everyday things) in the future is something I’ll look to do always.