Assessment Security Recommendations

With a number of educational technologies available, it can be difficult to make the right selections for your course assessments. These guidelines are intended to help you make an informed selection for the type of assessment and security level desired.


When to use:Online assessments with high stakes (exams)

How it works:Proctorio works in conjunction with Carmen Quizzes to provide the most secure online assessment option. Students need a webcam enabled device and a Google Chrome plugin downloaded to the device. The webcam records the student throughout the exam attempt.

Features:Easy to read reports provide the level of risk for cheating for each exam attempt. Videos can be reviewed easily via the reports dashboard.

Potential disadvantages:Not available on iOS devices, including the Digital Flagship iPads. May require alternate proctoring options for students without cameras or under the age of 18. Alternate proctoring solutions are available via the Testing Center or an agreement with teacher/ administrator/ librarian for College Credit Plus students.

Visit the ODEE Resource Center for Getting Started with Proctorio.



When to use:Online assessments with mid to low stakes OR in-person assessments with high stakes.

How it works:ExamSoft integrates with Carmen to lock down the device during the quiz or exam attempt.

Features:In-person exams can be completed on iPad or laptop devices. The exam can be offline and the device locked down. This provides a secure testing environment that eliminates the need for paper and pencil Scantrons. Students see scores immediately and the costs for copies and testing center scanning are eliminated.

Potential disadvantages:As the student is not on camera, there is no assurance that another device is not used or students are not taking exams together. There is no identity verification beyond the current Shibboleth system. Given concerns about students paying others to take exams, this would not be recommended at this time for higher stakes online assessments.

ExamSoft was implemented Spring of 2020. Visit the ODEE Resource Center for information on ExamSoft.


Carmen Quizzes

When to use:Online assessments with lower stakes.

Features:Carmen quizzes is still the standard option for quizzes and surveys for the class. This is an especially good option for assessments with multiple attempts and practice quizzes.

Potential disadvantages:There are very few security features for Carmen quizzes alone. Timed quizzes are recommended to minimize access to notes, readings and other resources.

A complete instructor guide to Carmencan be found in the ODEE Resource Center.



When to use:Written online assessments with high stakes or increased potential for plagiarism. This includes assignments that will be used for multiple semesters, large classes and classes with many sections.

How it works:Turnitin provides an originality report for each submission. Updates to Carmen make this easier than previous iterations. When creating the Assignment, select Turnitin in the drop down box under Plagiarism Review. Additional options such as filtering out bibliographic materials may be selected.

Potential disadvantages:None.

For more information about Turnitin, please visit the ODEE Resource Center.