Online Teaching Resources for School of Communication

This website is intended to be a resource for School of Communication instructors at The Ohio State University. This site is supplemental to the OSU Keep Teaching site.

Carmen Commons Content

  • Instructions for students regarding using technology are available for instructors to copy directly into their course. To access, please go to the Carmen Commons and search School of Communication Online Resources. This guide provides a step by step instruction on how to import from the Commons.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Carmen or need a refresher, there is a Commons course titled Carmen Common Sense that will walk you through the basics of using Carmen.

Web Resources

  • Scott Nelson from ODEE has created a series of videos with online teaching tips. These are made from his own home in his pajamas!
  • Educause is a non-profit dedicated to promoting the effective use of technology in teaching and learning. Their blog has great insights into technology and higher education.
  • Brian Ralson from the Fisher College of Business explains how to help your students feel safe in an online class environment.

OSU Courses and Workshops

  • The Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning conducts both in-person and online Course Design Institutes throughout the year. This process may involve designing a new course or re-design of a current course or re-development of an in-person course to an online course.
  • The Digital Flagship program continues to offer Educator Cohorts for faculty interested in learning more about instruction with the iPad and tools available to students.
  • Both the Drake Institute and the Office of Distance Education and E-Learning offer workshops and events throughout the year on a variety of teaching topics.

Recommended Reading List

Many academic journals are studying best practices in online education. This bibliography will be updated periodically and sorted by topic.

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