How to Schedule a Meeting

How to Use Our New Meeting Scheduler

Due to COVID-19, we are implementing new systems to address how we conduct our technology support. Moving forward we want you to use the following link to access our Microsoft Bookings website. An easy way to type this into your browser is “”.

Bookings Website Link

Below is a How To: ASC Bookings Guide to answer any questions about how to use our Bookings website. This guide will also be posted around the School of Communications building.

How To: ASC Bookings

With the recent changes to our walk-in system for technology support, we will be asking everyone to have Microsoft Teams downloaded to their computer. This is what we will be using to book any meeting as it is extremely easy to use. This software is available through self service (mac) / software centre (windows). If you have any difficulty with this please create a ticket or send an email to