Research, both onsite at partner locations and at Ohio State, is vital to the success of our One Health partnerships.

Research is integral to the overall mission of The Ohio State University. Top priorities include increasing Ohio State’s participation in large-scale funding initiatives, improving the competitiveness of our researchers in their efforts to secure funding, and fostering economic development through enhanced industry-sponsored research and commercialization.

Since Ohio State opened its doors in 1873, the university has embraced its land-grant mandate to bring the practical results of its research prowess to the community. Ohio State has pioneered the discoveries and innovations that change — and save — lives.

In 2012, the university selected three Discovery Themes that identify the globe’s most pressing challenges and Ohio State’s role in addressing them. The three Discovery Themes are:

  • Energy and Environment
  • Food Production and Security
  • Health and Wellness

The interdisciplinary nature of a One Health approach means that our projects have the potential to cross all three themes, with “Health and Wellness” being the most obvious fit.

We believe that interdisciplinary research will improve the quality of life and overall health of people, animals, and the environment in our focus areas. We hope to create distinctive and internationally recognized contributions to the advancement of fundamental knowledge and scholarship and to the solutions of the world’s most pressing problems.

Through our One Health Task Force, there are two main research collaborations in Ethiopia:

  1. Promoting techniques to ensure an environmentally healthy Ethiopia.
  2. Development of a plan for rabies prevention and control.

The task force is also working to increase the number of trained researchers in Ethiopia. Other parallel projects are developing in numerous fields, including pharmacy, nutrition, and public safety.