Do Something Great – Global One Health

By Kevin Kula
Instructional Designer (Learning Technology)
Office of Distance Education and eLearning
ODEE Project Lead for the “Global One Health” Digital First Impact Grant

It doesn’t take long for me to get another reminder at work of why I love Ohio State. A big focus of my next 3 weeks is preparing for us to take 40 iPad minis to Ethiopia as part of our “Global One Health” partnership with Wondwossen Gebreyes (Veterinary Medicine). Working with our Health Science colleagues, I am excited for the teaching, learning, and research impact we can have. I also look forward to the lasting impact this will have on me.

While I will gladly bring frisbees along on our trip to share with the children, I know futbol is the sport of choice (and subsequently contacted both Ohio State and the Columbus Crew for potential donations). With frisbees, soccer balls & iPads en route, Cory Tressler and I will be proud to represent ODEE and Buckeye Nation in our travels.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be very busy & wearing smiles. Tasks include finalizing our research plan, iPad configurations, arm soreness from vaccines, and working on our set of five, Global One Health iTunes U courses. Thanks to all of our partner Instructors, Communications Teams, and everyone else who is playing a role in this tremendous project. We will truly have a memorable time in Ethiopia!

‘Do Something Great’

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