OSU NOV. 2 Department of Spanish & Portuguese Edit-A-Thon

Where can I get free pizza for bringing visibility to Latin American women around the world? Read more…

Where: 160 Hagerty Hall

When: November 2, 5-8

Help us give visibility to Latin American women on the web by translating Wikipedia articles (from Spanish and Portuguese) into English!

We have a list of 70+ important women in Latin America who have very poor (or non-existent) Wikipedia pages in English and we hope to give them more visibility on the web and, consequently, make them more well-known in the US context.
Plus, it’s a great opportunity to practice your language skills!

How it will work:
1. When you arrive, give us your lastname.# or other email account;
2. We will email you a Google Spreadsheet with the following information: Name of woman, Country, Field of work, Link with source article, Approximate number of words in source article, Link with target article for you to edit (or, if it’s N/A, you will create a brand new page for her!).
3. Once you choose which article you want to translate (based on your favorite Latin American country, area of interest, or–let’s be honest–number of words), add your name and lastname.# to that article and highlight it in yellow. If an article in the Google doc is highlighted in yellow it’s because it is in progress of being translated.
4. Log in to your Wikipedia account. (We will teach you how to do it, it’s very easy.)
5. Translate away! Don’t be too shy to ask for help or ask any questions; we want this to be a very collaborative event.
6. Once you’re done, highlight in green the article in the Google doc. If an article is highlighted in green it means that it’s all done!

There will be some laptops available for students who don’t have theirs, but not many.