What is OnCourse

Our Value Statement

Ohio State joined the Student Success Collaborative (EAB) because we are committed to providing coordinated, constructively engaged student outreach, to reduce cost and increase retention and graduation rates; to reduce time-to-degree; and to help students realize their personal, academic, and professional goals.

What is EAB? EAB is the name of the educational research and consulting company Ohio State has contracted to provide the university with a student success platform. For more information about EAB, see https://www.eab.com/about-us (Links to an external site.). EAB offers various membership options, our most recent membership is with the Student Success Collaborative (SSC).

What is the Student Success Collaborative (SSC)? A subscription membership level within EAB, the SSC combines technology, research, process improvement, and predictive analytics to help institutions improve outcomes for at-risk and off-path students. While the SSC will provide substantial resources, the focus for our phased roll-out is the platform. See https://www.eab.com/technology/student-success-collaborative (Links to an external site.) for more information about the SSC.

What are Ohio State’s Goals in joining the SSC? Download this overview documentPreview the documentView in a new window for additional information.

  • Increase retention
  • Reduce time-to-degree
  • Reduce cost
  • Provide targeted outreach to encourage students to engage constructively with academic advising
  • Increase (and create) coordinated efforts between campus partners to better support students
  • Increase graduation rates for the following populations (our pilot groups): at-risk students identified for intensive advising as part of the First in the World grant; students changing from a regional campus to the Columbus campus; transfer students from Columbus State Community College

What is this platform and what are we calling it?  The platform is called OnCourse. Most broadly, the system will serve as our student success platform. It includes a wide range of functionality, and we will use it as a retention tool, a predictive analytics tool, and an early alerts system. We are not calling this platform an “early alert system” or a “predictive analytics system,” instead, please use the term “student success platform.”

How should we describe the platform to others? You will likely create your own “elevator speech” using what you’ve read in this module and on EAB’s web site. However, we hope the content below will help organize your “speech.”

The platform allows us to proactively find students in the following ways: 

  • Alerts (manually entered by users with access and seen by those across campuses with access). Example would be, a professor enters an alert that a student is at risk for failing his/her/their course and an advisor, when reviewing their roster (or on a student’s overview page) can view this “risk.”
  • 30-second check/data in one spot (GPA trends, course completion trends, overview of D/E/withdrawn/repeated courses)
  • Predictive method that answers the following question – what is the student’s likelihood of graduating from Ohio State in current major (if undecided, any major)
  • Tracks (completed/missed/upcoming) important/required courses for major
  • Advanced searching with more than 25 filtering options in order to fine-tune a list of students (e.g., students enrolled in major A, who are taking class A, have a GPA of, and who are first generation).

Once we find students, we can do the following: 

  • Multiple ways to do proactive outreach that formally tracks whether a student completes a request. These are called appointment and progress campaigns.
  • Progress reports for faculty to provide mid-term course updates
  • Appointment (advising and tutoring) appointments (self-service for students to schedule their own appointments)
  • University-wide shared notes
  • Group students, by what EAB calls “tags.” in order to further track and provide outreach. Tags are used for grouping students in ways that are not in the SIS
  • Allows users across campus to connect around a particular issue a might student experience (e.g., SAP) and efficiently resolve the issue while documenting it all in the platform.

Would you like a demo of the platform? If so, please email us at oncourse@osu.edu