Training (Faculty/Staff)

Training depends on how you are using the platform. There are many roles with varying permissions, so training happens by “role.” Currently, we have online self-paced training modules available for two roles and limited functionality (functionality we are only rolling out spring semester).  These two roles are for academic advisors and those across campus who are not advisors but have used AdvisingConnect to view and/or enter notes for students (we are referring to this group as “University Colleagues“). Each group should begin with the self-paced modules (listed below). If you would like an in-person training session (either for a group or individually), please email

  • Online modules with videos and quizzes – these self-paced modules located in Carmen/Canvas. We made these modules public so you do not have to log into Carmen/Canvas, instead go here – Those who use AdvisingConnect and are not advisors, please use the University Colleagues module. To break up the content, have videos for you!
  • Overview at a staff meeting and/or one-on-one in your office by members of the training team – if you would like someone from the training team to attend a staff meeting to provide an overview, either after (or before) you’ve completed the modules (or sit with you one-on-one), please contact

OnCourse has a lot of functionality that has not been rolled out…yet! More details will be provided as we learn more and how to best use these features. Training will be developed as we roll-out functionality.

Please do not contact 8-help or EAB Help Support. For all questions and/or issues, email