Utilizing Prospecitve and Returning Student Profiles

In OnCourse, only students who have been term activated within the last 36 months can be found.  Should there be a need to enter a note or add a “report on advising” to a student who is a prospective student or returning student (who has not been active at Ohio State University within the last 36 months) you can utilize a “Prospective” or “Returning” student profile.

There are some prospective and returning accounts currently created for specific departments and units, but not all. If your unit or department currently does not have this set up but would like to, please email oncourse@osu.edu to get this created.

Report on Advising -versus- Notes

“Report on Advising”

  • Student, by default, WILL SEE these (no option for student not to have access)
  • Use after meeting with a student
  • Allows to mark student as “no-show”, tracks time you spent with the student
  • Can note specific course discussed in meeting for tracking purposes
  • Will allow you to do a lot of reporting on the type of contact you’ve had with students over a specified time period.


  • Advisors ONLY note, unless you check the student’s name
  • Use for all other contact other than meetings
    • e.g., email exchange, status updates, etc.
  • Ideally used for non-student intervention information

* You are able to put attachments in both types of documentation
** You are able to include links in both types of documentation
*** You are able to assign a reason for both notes and reports on advising